Color Wheel Birds

I do a simpler version of this with second grade, we just use circle shaped fish instead.
With 3rd grade we start off drawing six circles in a row on watercolor paper. I have them mark the center of their paper with a guide line and start with a circle on each side of their guide line, then go on from there. Once the circles are in place we add feet, beaks, eyes and wings.
We discuss primary and secondary colors.
Using Crayola Watercolor Pencils, just Red, Yellow and Blue. I make them follow along with me each step of coloring.
When we get to the orange and green. I have them start with yellow then lightly color, the red or blue over the yellow. For the purple, they need to color both red and blue lightly for it to work.
Once the birds are all colored in we use a small amount of water on a watercolor brush and begin painting over the yellow bird first then work our way to the other colors, rinsing the brush in
As long as they are only using a small amount of water the birds should dry quickly and they can use a black marker to draw over the legs, eyes, beaks and wings.

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