4th Grade Winter Watercolor Snowman Landscapes



These cute snowman landscapes are a great lesson in using watercolor pencils…

Materials: Crayola Watercolor Pencils, Watercolor Paper, small watercolor brush, water cup, paper towel

We begin the drawing with a light grey watercolor pencil. I stress the importance to the kids of drawing lightly. The watercolor pencils do not erase easily. We begin drawing the simple shapes for the snowman, working from large to small, then adding shading on each sphere of the body. We paint over each part as we go, with a small amount of water.

Once the snowman body is done, we begin with the background using a light blue or aqua watercolor pencil. Color in a horizon and the shadow of the snowman, and use a small amount of water to paint over. Color the snowman nose, eyes, arms, scarf and a hat. We only paint water over the scarf and hat, not the nose, eyes or mouth. Then the trees and shadows of trees, paint over with water.

I carefully plan out the steps when using watercolor pencil to give areas a chance to dry along the way. It keeps it from getting messy and all blended together.

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