Pixel Self Portraits- STEAM Art Lesson

Art Teacher in LA7th & 8th Grade STEAM Art Lesson- Pixel Self Portraits

I LOVE this project! These are the BEST!!! Fun way to include a self portrait into the STEAM Art curriculum.

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Simple Shape Roosters

1st Grade Simple Shape Roosters

I use crayon for the background and Oil Pastel for the Rooster. It makes him stand out. Oh and that magical Sharpie outline… It really is magic how it makes the little ones color in the lines.

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Kindergarten Simple Shape Bird

I use crayon for the background and Oil Pastel for the bird. It makes the bird stand out. Oh and that magical Sharpie outline… It really is magic how it makes the little ones color in the lines.

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Solar System Mono Prints



This is a great lesson for a STEAM Art curriculum or in our our school 5th grade has a unit on the Solar System. The kids had a blast printing their planets.

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Pumpkin Pie in Chalk-FALL ART PROJECT



This great Fall Art Project is all about creating a realistic drawing. I quizzed the 4th graders on what is needed in a drawing or painting to create the “illusion” that it’s real: shadows, tones or values, and a background. They’re only 4th grade, so I keep it pretty simple!

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Oil Pastel Rockets



The Kindergartners love this project… Easy “Simple Shape” Drawing and a nice intro to oil pastel for the little ones.


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Chalk Still Life Lesson


Here’s a simple still life with big impact! This is a 3rd Grade lesson this year. Years ago I only did just a single cup on a half sheet of paper, but these kiddos are awesome. We finished this in about 40 min.

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ART SUPPLY Must Haves for EVERY Art Teacher


A must have!!! I rarely use regular crayons. Crayola Construction Paper Crayons go on a bit thicker and the colors are beautiful.

I use these in 3 ways for my art lessons:

I have my full, organized sets. I pull these out when the full range of colors are needed, mostly only for the upper grades. I am a little crazy about making sure they stay full complete sets. I do not let them dump the crayons out on the table. They may only take out 1 at a time and they must give be back the full set with all of the colors in it at the end of class.  If any set is missing a color at the end of class I do not let it get mixed in with the rest. I replace the missing color from my bucket of whole crayons.

I have a bucket of whole crayons from past years incomplete sets. At the end of each semester I try to go through each crayon box, make sure all of the colors are there and pull out broken ones. Any incomplete sets I dump in to a bucket. That becomes my extra crayons to replace missing or broken crayons from my complete sets. I also use this if I need just a color or 2 for each student for a lesson. Then I don’t have to pull out my complete sets, especially for the lower grade levels.

And I have small broken pieces organized by warm & cool colors.


All of my broken Construction Paper Crayons go into these two boxes, Warms & Cools. I use these ALL THE TIME. I put the colors I need in a little cup for each student or I put a handful on each table. They can be used like pastels, using the side to shade in large areas.

I order my class packs from BLICK ART MATERIALS



I am just as crazy about these watercolor pencils as I am the Construction Paper Crayons. I do not use colored pencils, ever! These are great for watercolor, coloring and shading and SO great on black paper! I prefer the 24 pack of colors, it gives such a great range of colors, but its not necessary. They’re great either way.

I am a stickler about keeping these super organized too. I have my

full organized sets and

4 buckets of colors: Warms, Cools, Primary Colors, and Brown, Black & Grey that are from past incomplete sets. I pull out all the white pencils, I only use them for a few projects on black paper.  I pull out colors we may need for a lesson or set the buckets out for them to grab the colors the want.


I also use the buckets when I have my Full Sets out, so the students can replace a broken one during class. Which means NO SHARPENING PENCILS DURING CLASS!!! They put the broken pencil in the bucket, tip pointing down, and grab a new one of that color to put in their set. At the end of the day I know which ones in the buckets need to be sharpened and all of my sets are complete!

I order my class packs from Blick Art Materials


I do not use the generic school brushes. They’re awful!!! Way too flimsy for the kids to control. Royal Langnickel brushes are great for Watercolor and Acrylic. The assorted sizes are all that I need for every project through the school year. I usually only need to replace them every 2 years.

I order my class packs from BLICK ART MATERIALS

My Top 6 Halloween Art Lessons for Lower Elementary Grades

Here are a few of my favorite Halloween Art Lessons for Kindergarten-4th Grade. Full step by step directions and supply lists are in each link.

All of these can be simplified or more complex to adjust to any grade level.

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