Pumpkin Pie in Chalk-FALL ART PROJECT



This great Fall Art Project is all about creating a realistic drawing. I quizzed the 4th graders on what is needed in a drawing or painting to create the “illusion” that it’s real: shadows, tones or values, and a background. They’re only 4th grade, so I keep it pretty simple!

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Halloween Art- Pastel Skulls



4th Grade Halloween Art- Pastel Skulls

This is my first project testing out Prang Pastels. It was messy but it was a fun way to introduce the pastels. These Pastel Sugar Skulls can easily be done with 3rd Grade -Middle School Grades Continue reading Halloween Art- Pastel Skulls

Charcoal Animal Drawings- Koalas and Pandas



Koalas and Pandas- 4th & 5th Grade Charcoal Animal Drawings 

These 2 Art Lessons were a great intro into shading and controlling charcoal

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Oil Pastel Texture Turkeys




These are just too cute!!! The kids love them, the teachers love them. A great lesson in texture.

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Halloween Watercolor Art Lesson- Spooky Silhouettes




Halloween Art Lesson in Watercolor & Oil Pastel- 4th Grade

This lesson can be easily modified for different grades and different mediums.

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Halloween Charcoal Drawing Lesson- Jack-O-Lanterns

IMG_0207Halloween Charcoal Drawing Lesson- Jack-O-Lantern

This Charcoal Jack-O-Lantern drawing implements a lot of important sketching skills.

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4th Grade Cake Slices with Values

This lesson was inspired by Wayne Thiebaud’s art. I tie it in to lessons on values and shading. This is a new one that I tried this year. I was quite happy with it 🙂

Materials: black card stock, pencil and eraser, Crayola color chalk, white chalk

We draw our cake slice starting with a triangle posited at a bottom corner of the page, and then make it three dimensional. Add the frosting lines on the slice.
We add a plate and a horizon line to create a background.

For the cake part they can use brown or white.

The wonderful thing about the Crayola Chalk sets is, most of the colors have a light and dark shade.
They get to choose a set for the cake frosting. Light on the top of the cake, dark on the sides. I use a little bit of white chalk to lighten the top edge of the cake and frosting.
Choose a new set of colors for the plate color it all with the light color and use the dark for the shadow of the cake. Pick another for the table. Lightly use black to create a shadow on the table. Don’t forget to add details on the cakes.

I have them use their eraser to clean up any smudges and I spray with aqua net hair spray as a fixative.


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