Charcoal Animal Drawings- Koalas and Pandas



Koalas and Pandas- 4th & 5th Grade Charcoal Animal Drawings 

These 2 Art Lessons were a great intro into shading and controlling charcoal

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Panda Drawings- Charcoal Value Study






Charcoal Value Study- 6th Grade Panda Drawings

I did this lesson over 2 weeks with my 6 Graders. This was the first lesson of the school year. Reviewing sketching, values & shading. The full body Panda Drawing  with the simple value scale was a pretty easy lesson. The second panda eating bamboo with a background was a perfect step up from that.

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HALLOWEEN ART LESSONS for 5th Grade and up

I’ve put together 6 of my favorite Halloween Art Lessons for 5th Grade & up. I’ve done these year after year always with amazing results.

Halloween Art- Painted Skeletons



Spooky House Halloween Art Lesson


Halloween Spooky Silhouettes Acrylic Painting


Foil Skulls Halloween Art Lesson


Charcoal Jack-O-Lanterns


Halloween Figure Drawing


Charcoal Drawing- 5th Grade Puppies


5th Grade Puppy Drawings in Charcoal

This was the first art lesson of the year for my 5th graders. Great art lesson to review drawing lightly, simple shapes and shading. They turned out adorable!

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Halloween Charcoal Drawing Lesson- Jack-O-Lanterns

IMG_0207Halloween Charcoal Drawing Lesson- Jack-O-Lantern

This Charcoal Jack-O-Lantern drawing implements a lot of important sketching skills.

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Fifth Grade Charcoal Vases

I love beginning the year with sketching for 5 & 6 grade. It is a nice reminder of all of the art skills from the previous years. For this lesson I used to bring in an actual vase to show them, but it’s not necessary. It still works great just using my examples.

Materials: charcoal sticks or charcoal pencils, eraser, 2 pieces of newsprint paper each.

I have the students practice with the charcoal pencil on 1 of the pieces of newsprint. Practice drawing light circles in a sketching motion, practice creating light and medium shading with the charcoal.
We begin by breaking down the shapes from large to small. Sketch on the large circle in the middle, then the opening of the vase and the neck of the vase, then the foot of the vase.
We add in a horizon line and shade in a shadow. Shade in above the horizon line to create depth.

Discuss lighting and what happens on the vase when the light is shining on it. Use the charcoal lightly to create shading on the vase.

-Art Teacher in LA

Still Life Value Sketch

6th Grade Still Life Value Sketch

The past few years I have been starting 6th grade art with this lesson. It’s a great review of following directions, sketching, values, representational drawing, etc.
With 45 sixth graders it’s not possible to set up an actual still life with lighting, so we just all work from my example. We discuss lighting and shadows. Also shading with the charcoal to create 3 values (light, medium, dark).

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3rd Grade Charcoal Penguins

1/2 sheet of white drawing paper, charcoal pencils

We start off drawing step by step the simple shapes for the penguin. Working from the large body shapes to the details. Once the drawing is complete,we draw in an iceberg and the background.
We discuss shading in lightly and dark shading,and go step by step shading in one part at a time so they do not get lost along the way. When we get to the ridge around the iceberg and the water we discuss creating texture with the charcoal. Vertical small lines for the ridge around the iceberg and light horizontal texture for the water.

5th grade Charcoal Sketches

Every grade level I teach them about simple shapes for building a drawing. In this lesson, I break down the basic shape of a simple vase. We also go over realistic shading and shadows.
Using willow charcoal sticks, the students practice sketching circles and ovals, we also practice creating dark, medium and light values on newsprint paper. We also use pink erasers.
We begin with largest simple shapes and work our way to the smaller shapes. I go over symmetry to make corrections, before we begin shading.
We add in medium to light values on the vase and add in dark values for the shadows and horizon line to create depth.