My Top 6 Halloween Art Lessons for Lower Elementary Grades

Here are a few of my favorite Halloween Art Lessons for Kindergarten-4th Grade. Full step by step directions and supply lists are in each link.

All of these can be simplified or more complex to adjust to any grade level.

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Painted Collage Winter Birds

Painted Collage Winter Birds for 1st Grade

I used several mediums for this one. I chose watercolor for the bird since I wanted to complete this in just one class session. Any medium can work for this. The kids have fun cutting, gluing and painting all in one class. It makes it very fast paced and they still all come out great!

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Negative Space Trees


5th Grade Trees- Negative space

This project is one of my favorites. These just look beautiful when they are all displayed. The idea for this lesson came from another teacher, but I’ve adapted it over the years. These Negative Space Trees can be adapted for anytime of year. Continue reading Negative Space Trees

Cut Jack O Lanterns Halloween Art


 Halloween Art- Cut Jack O Lanterns with shadows

This Kindergarten lesson can be used for any of the lower grades by adding more pumpkins.

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Halloween Art- Spider on a Web


1st Grade Spiders on a Web

This Halloween Art is such a fun project for the little ones. The vibrant colors of the painted background and the funky cut out spiders make this a keeper.

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Halloween Art- Monster Collage


Collage Monsters Halloween Art 

This 2nd Grade lesson can be adapted to any grade level.  Cut paper & oil pastels create these cute Halloween Monsters.

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Winter Mittens

Kindergarten Winter Mittens intro to Symmetry

Materials: blue construction paper, white drawing paper, oil pastels, scissors, glue sticks

We start off working in pairs and we trace each others hands onto the white paper. Be sure to explain not to trace against the fingers. We want to make it mitten, not a glove.
When both hands are traced we cut them out and begin to color them in. We talk a bit about symmetry and if there is a color or stripe on one glove it needs to be on the other glove too.

When the gloves are complete we glue them onto the blue paper and add snowflakes with the white pastel.