Kindergarten Simple Shape Bird

I use crayon for the background and Oil Pastel for the bird. It makes the bird stand out. Oh and that magical Sharpie outline… It really is magic how it makes the little ones color in the lines.

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Oil Pastel Rockets



The Kindergartners love this project… Easy “Simple Shape” Drawing and a nice intro to oil pastel for the little ones.


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Cut Jack O Lanterns Halloween Art


 Halloween Art- Cut Jack O Lanterns with shadows

This Kindergarten lesson can be used for any of the lower grades by adding more pumpkins.

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Halloween Art- Monster Collage


Collage Monsters Halloween Art 

This 2nd Grade lesson can be adapted to any grade level.  Cut paper & oil pastels create these cute Halloween Monsters.

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Kindergarten Ice Cream Cones

This is a repeat post. The main reasons for this Kindergarten lesson is the pure cuteness of it.
We do go over drawing using simple shapes and it is an intro for using the Crayola Chalk, which they will do a more advanced version of this lesson each year.
They really love making these and they always look cute on display.

Materials: 1/2 sheet of black card stock, pencil & eraser, Crayola color chalk, white chalk
We draw our ice cream.
I go over rules for using the Crayola Chalk: they must blow, not wipe the chalk dust and they can only hold their paper on the black, not on a place that has been colored in.
We start at the top with the cherry and work our way down the paper and safe the details for last.
Any smudges I clean up with an eraser before I spray them with aqua net hair spray as a fixative.


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Kindergarten Jack-o-lanterns with shadows



I love starting Halloween Art. This post is a repeat of last years.

Materials: full sheet of blue or purple construction paper, half sheet of green, orange, and black construction paper, glue stick, pencil, eraser, black marker, scissors, white, orange & green crayons.

Glue the half sheet of green for the grass on the full piece of blue or purple.

Next, we use a half sheet of orange and black construction paper and we draw our pumpkin on the orange paper, don’t forget to draw the stem.

Holding the black and orange paper together, we cut along our pencil lines to cut out the pumpkin and the shadow at the same time.

Glue the pumpkin on and then shadow.
Draw the face. Use the black marker to fill it in.
Then the orange lines on the pumpkin and green stem.
If there’s time we add stars and a moon in the sky.

Happy Halloween!
Art Teacher in LA