Charcoal Animal Drawings- Koalas and Pandas



Koalas and Pandas- 4th & 5th Grade Charcoal Animal Drawings 

These 2 Art Lessons were a great intro into shading and controlling charcoal



Materials: Compressed Charcoal, Drawing paper, pink eraser, paper towel, scratch paper, Crayola Construction Paper Crayons

I started off just practicing sketching circles & ovals and a small value scale of creating light, medium and dark with charcoal on the scratch paper to get ready for these Charcoal Animal Drawings. On the drawing paper sketch out the panda or the koala. The dark values are the easiest, so fill in the nose and eyes. The head and body is filled in a medium value with the charcoal. *Some student can easily do this, but for those that are heavy handed I show them how to fill it in dark and wipe away with the paper towel to create a medium value. The Panda gets a few light values around his snout and the koala gets a light value for the shadow on his white belly and in his ears. *The lights can be done with a dirty part of the paper towel. Use the eraser to clean up any smudgy parts and add highlights in the eyes. The back ground get colored in with crayon.

I did the Pandas with 3rd Grade and the Koalas with 4th Grade. They are both about the same skill level so these animal drawings can easily be done with either grade.

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