Snails with Shadows

1st Grade Oil Pastel Snails with Shadows

These make me giggle when I look at them:)
I threw in the concept of warm and cool colors.

Materials: half sheet of black card stock, pencil, eraser, Cray-Pas oil pastels

We start with the horizon line across the middle and then the large circle for the snail shell. Then we get the snail shell for the shadow and work on getting it the same size and shape. Then add the head an tail for each.

We choose cool colors for the background and color in the ground around the snail, then the sky around the snail.
Then we choose warm colors for the snail shell. I had them use peach for the body, white for the antennas. The snail shadow does not get colored in, it stays the black of the paper.
We use black for the eyes and black for the antennas on the shadow.




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