Halloween Charcoal Drawing Lesson- Jack-O-Lanterns

IMG_0207Halloween Charcoal Drawing Lesson- Jack-O-Lantern

This Charcoal Jack-O-Lantern drawing implements a lot of important sketching skills.

Materials: I used Bristol paper, but a thick drawing paper would work as well, Generals compressed charcoal sticks, Factis white erasers (pink pearl erasers will do) and a soft white paper towel.

Charcoal in a rectangle almost the size of the entire paper. I use the side of the charcoal. Then rub the entire paper with the paper towel to even out the value. I refer to this back ground as our “middle value”.

Sketch out the shape of the pumpkin with the charcoal. I stress to the students that we can not erase the drawing, so drawing lightly is a must. Then darken in a shadow on the left with the charcoal. I refer to the shadow as the “dark value”. Use the paper towel to slightly blend the shadow, then we use the dark charcoal that will be on the paper towel to add some shading to the left side of the pumpkin, by just rubbing it along the side and bottom of the pumpkin.

Add the curved lines on the front of the pumpkin, darker at the bottom and lighter at the top, to help create the roundness. Add the stem and slightly darken one side with the charcoal and blend it with you finger.

Use the eraser to wipe away the charcoal on the top and right side of the pumpkin, as well as a little of the top right of each segment. This is the “light value”. We can also erase away the bottom half of the background to create a light foreground.

Use the charcoal to add in the face and a spider web with a spider too!

Happy Halloween!