Halloween Art- Spider on a Web


1st Grade Spiders on a Web

This Halloween Art is such a fun project for the little ones. The vibrant colors of the painted background and the funky cut out spiders make this a keeper.


Materials: Cardstock or Bristol board, 1/2 sheet of black construction paper, glue stick, scissors, pencil, white & black oil pastel, paint brush, Acrylic paint (yellow, red & orange)

Start by painting the whole sheet of paper with acrylic paint. Spread it out thin, so it can dry. We then cut our black 1/2 sheet in half. Draw and cut out the body and head on one half, and cut strips for the legs on the other half. We glue the pieces of our spider together.

With the white oil pastel, draw the spiderweb on top of the dried acrylic painting. Glue on the spider and add eyes with white & black pastel.

Believe it or not… I get this project done in an hour lesson 🙂

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Happy Halloween!

-Art Teacher in LA


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