Halloween Painted Pumpkins


Halloween Painted Pumpkins- 2nd Grade

This Halloween Project is a keeper. Everyone was super into their painting and they all came out great!

Materials: Watercolor Paper or Bristol, Acrylic Paint (Yellow, Orange, Fuchsia Pink, tan, white, black), Paper towel, Paint brush, paint tray, Sharpie, Pencil & eraser

Draw out the pumpkin with 5 sections and sharpie over the drawing.

With the yellow, pink, and orange acrylic paint, I painted in one section at a time, mixing the paint on the pumpkin to create blended colors. The stem gets painted in Tan. The background is painted black and the dots can be done using the back of the paint brush dipped in white paint. As long as the paint is used in this order there is no need for water to rinse brushes in between. Wipe the brush with the paper towel between each step.

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