Painted Fall Leaves



A little bit of drawing, a little bit of paint mixing, a little bit of coloring… it all wraps up into the perfect fall art lesson.



Materials: Yellow, orange, red and magenta tempera paint or acrylic paint,
1/2 sheets white card stock, Q-tips or small brushes, Construction Paper Crayons*, pencil & eraser
*I use Construction Paper Crayons for many lessons throughout the year. I have my nice full sets and I have sets that I’ve unwrapped and broken each crayon into small pieces. I almost always sort the colors they need into cups for each lesson. It really works out well. Check out the blog post Organizing crayons

We start by drawing the stem of a leaf, then one side of the leaf, then the other. We then draw in the veins. Draw the next 2 fall leaves. I tried to have the students draw 3 different types of leaves.
Once the leaves are drawn, we outline the fall leaves with a dark red, orange or brown Construction Paper Crayon. Then using cool colors we color in the background carefully around the leaves (I gave them an assortment of greens and blues).

I prepped plates with colors of paint. Using the q-tips to paint, we swirl through the color and carefully paint each leaf

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-Art Teacher in LA

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