Panda Drawings- Charcoal Value Study






Charcoal Value Study- 6th Grade Panda Drawings

I did this lesson over 2 weeks with my 6 Graders. This was the first lesson of the school year. Reviewing sketching, values & shading. The full body Panda Drawing  with the simple value scale was a pretty easy lesson. The second panda eating bamboo with a background was a perfect step up from that.


Materials: Compressed Charcoal, Drawing paper, pink eraser, paper towel, scratch paper.

I started off just practicing sketching circles & ovals and a small value scale on the scratch paper. On the drawing paper sketch out the panda on the left and make a value scale underneath. Use that as a comparison when filling in values on the Panda Drawing.

The second Panda Drawing is a bit more complex with adding the background and textures of fur and grass using the eraser. Both lessons are great on their own, but together they really gave the students a better understanding of Values and controlling charcoal.


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  1. What a great way to start the year with my squirrely 6th graders – a review that will interest and refresh their previous years’ lessons – but not overwhelm my newer students! Thank you – I look forward to sharing your great lesson with my students 🙂

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