Panda Sculptures


Crayola Model Magic Panda Sculptures 2nd Grade

This is an easy Sculpting lesson for the lower Grades. Model Magic is easy to work with and easy clean up.

Materials: Crayola Model Magic, cardboard or chip board rectangles, glue, acrylic paint, paint brushes, water cups, paper towels, pencil, paint tray

This is a 2 part project. 1 class sculpting and the next class to paint. The panda head is clay, the body is paint.

We sculpt the circle for the head first and glued it to the cardboard, then sculpted a smaller circle for the snout and attach to the face. Sculpt the ears and attach, add a drop of glue under each ear to stick it to the cardboard. The clay slightly shrinks as it dries, so be sure it’s really attached to the head well. Add the eyes and a nose. Use the back of the pencil to indent a circle in the ears and the tip of the pencil to indent the smile.

The clay dries overnight. Paint with acrylic paint.

-Art Teacher in LA

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