Solar System Mono Prints



This is a great lesson forĀ a STEAM Art curriculum or in our our school 5th grade has a unit on the Solar System. The kids had a blast printing their planets.

space6Materials: Black card stock, white Bristol or watercolor paper. Acrylic Paint (variety of colors & white), stiff brush, small plastic lid, scissors, glue, toothpick, paint tray, paper towel




space7space8I needed to cut the rim off of the lid, to allow it to lay flat on the paper for printing. I had the students do this before they started.

I have used cups for this as well. What ever you are using, you must make sure it can lay flat on the paper to transfer the paint when printing.







Paint thick layers of paint on to the lid, then press it on to the white card stock. I did not give the students water cups to rinse brushes. I had them wipe the brush clean with paper towel when switching colors. They also wiped the lids clean between each print.

Once several planets are printed set them aside to dry. Using the brush dipped in white acrylic paint, carefully pull back the bristles with a fingertip to flick white splatters on the black card stock to create the stars. Use the toothpick to add a few larger stars in the solar system. Set the card stock aside to dry.

Carefully cut the mono printed planets out. I cut a variety of sizes to represent the different planets and arrange them on the card stock and glue.

I have also done this mono print project with plates to make one large Earth on the star splattered black card stock for Earth Day.

This was super messy, but a lot of fun!

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