Pumpkin Pie in Chalk-FALL ART PROJECT



This great Fall Art Project is all about creating a realistic drawing. I quizzed the 4th graders on what is needed in a drawing or painting to create the “illusion” that it’s real: shadows, tones or values, and a background. They’re only 4th grade, so I keep it pretty simple!


MATERIALS: Crayola Drawing Chalk, White Chalk, Drawing Paper, Pencil & Eraser, Fixative ( I use Suave hair spray)

**TIPS**  I break the chalk individual chalks into 3 pieces so they’re easier to use. The sets can be shared by 2 students. I remove 1 piece of the black and 1 piece of the brown and replace it with 2 pieces of white chalk. Why it does not come with white, I do not know!?!? It should!!!



The orange and brown Crayola Chalk are the perfect colors for the Pumpkin Pie!!! Draw the pie and the plate. With orange chalk I colored in the side of the pie first, then layered the brown over the orange to create a darker value. Then color in the top of the pie. With brown color the crust. I use white chalk over the brown on the top edge of the crust for some light values. Color in the whipped cream with white. Use the brown for the shadow of the whipped cream on the pie and to add a few light smudges on the sides of the whipped cream for some dimension.

Color in the plate white and lightly create a shadow with the black chalk. To keep it simple I have the kids pick out a color set at this point. Crayola Chalk has a light and dark version of each color in this set. Color the ground with the light color and add the shadow with the dark color. Then the background can be any color they choose.

These were super fun and they really did all turn out great!

Happy Fall!!!

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