Fall Leaves- Watercolor Wax Resist


This Fall Art Lesson can be adapted to any grade level. The colors of the Crayola Construction paper crayons are perfect for the Fall leaves. This lesson touches on Symmetry, Wet in to wet watercolor washes, wax resist, and warms & cools.


Materials: Crayola construction paper crayons , watercolor paper, Watercolors, watercolor brushes, water cups, pencil & eraser

We begin by drawing fall leaves. Each leaf I outline with crayon then fill in with a contrasting color. It is important to press hard while coloring to create the wax resist. Be sure to remind them to choose warm colors for their fall leaves.

When we start the watercolor we fill the color pans with water. I go over again and again the colors that their brush is allowed to touch the colors we are using, blue, purple and green. Once they have a little pool of water in each of their 3 colors, blue, purple and green. I give them the example of creating a wet into wet wash with the colors in the background. The crayon will resist the watercolor.

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