STEAM Art Project-Middle School Bicycle Paintings

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I teach art for a 7th/ 8th grade STEAM elective. This project incorporates engineering thinking with drawing & painting.


Materials: pencil, eraser, sharpie, watercolor, watercolor brush, water cup, paper towel, paint brush, watercolor paper, scratch paper

***I do not use the brush that comes with the watercolor set, it’s too small & flimsy. Royal Langnickel is my go to for brushes. These are great for watercolor and acrylic.

I started the lesson by giving the kids a few minutes to draw a bicycle on scratch paper, without showing them any type of example. Then I showed them the example of the project and discussed how parts of a bike have to be in correct place for it to be a working bicycle. Out of 30 students, only 2 drew a bicycle that could actually work. That in itself can be a fun mini lesson.

On watercolor paper we then go step by step through a drawing of the bicycle in pencil and go over it in sharpie.  Then watercolor in the background.



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