Simple Shape Roosters

1st Grade Simple Shape Roosters

I use crayon for the background and Oil Pastel for the Rooster. It makes him stand out. Oh and that magical Sharpie outline… It really is magic how it makes the little ones color in the lines.

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Oil Pastel Pear still life


Oil Pastel Pears- 1st grade still life

This simple drawing is a great way to introduce shading and shadows to the younger grades. It can even be a great project for the upper grade by creating several pears on a plate.

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Painted Collage Winter Birds

Painted Collage Winter Birds for 1st Grade

I used several mediums for this one. I chose watercolor for the bird since I wanted to complete this in just one class session. Any medium can work for this. The kids have fun cutting, gluing and painting all in one class. It makes it very fast paced and they still all come out great!

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Halloween Art- Spider on a Web


1st Grade Spiders on a Web

This Halloween Art is such a fun project for the little ones. The vibrant colors of the painted background and the funky cut out spiders make this a keeper.

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Simple Shape Animal Drawings


Animal Drawings Using Simple Shapes

I create a version of these animal drawings for each lower grade levels as a drawing review at the beginning of each school year. For 1st grade they get to draw two animals, side by side. Puppy, Kitty, Bear or Bunny.

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