Charcoal Animal Drawings- Koalas and Pandas



Koalas and Pandas- 4th & 5th Grade Charcoal Animal Drawings 

These 2 Art Lessons were a great intro into shading and controlling charcoal

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Panda Drawings- Charcoal Value Study






Charcoal Value Study- 6th Grade Panda Drawings

I did this lesson over 2 weeks with my 6 Graders. This was the first lesson of the school year. Reviewing sketching, values & shading. The full body Panda Drawing  with the simple value scale was a pretty easy lesson. The second panda eating bamboo with a background was a perfect step up from that.

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HALLOWEEN ART LESSONS for 5th Grade and up

I’ve put together 6 of my favorite Halloween Art Lessons for 5th Grade & up. I’ve done these year after year always with amazing results.

Halloween Art- Painted Skeletons



Spooky House Halloween Art Lesson


Halloween Spooky Silhouettes Acrylic Painting


Foil Skulls Halloween Art Lesson


Charcoal Jack-O-Lanterns


Halloween Figure Drawing


Charcoal Drawing- 5th Grade Puppies


5th Grade Puppy Drawings in Charcoal

This was the first art lesson of the year for my 5th graders. Great art lesson to review drawing lightly, simple shapes and shading. They turned out adorable!

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Oil Pastel Pears- 1st grade still life


Oil Pastel Pears- 1st grade still life

This simple drawing is a great way to introduce shading and shadows to the younger grades. It can even be a great project for the upper grade by creating several pears on a plate.

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Middle School Pi Day Cityscapes


Starry Night City Scape. Here’s a fun Middle School Art Lesson to celebrate Pi Day (March 14th).


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STEAM Art Project-Middle School Bicycle Paintings

image image



I teach art for a 7th/ 8th grade STEAM elective. This project incorporates engineering thinking with drawing & painting.

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1st Grade Painted Collage Winter Birds





I’ve seen many variations of this project over the years… I’ve taken bits and pieces and ended up with these cute collage winter birds.

I used a lot of materials for this lesson, but these really did come out great and finished it in about 50 min.

Materials: Grey Cardstock, watercolor paper, Watercolors, acrylic or tempera (brown, green, white), paint brush, water cup, pencil, eraser, scissors, glue, Q-tips, index card or thick paper cut into 1 or 2 inch squares( used for stamping on the pine needles)

Start off by drawing individual shapes for the bird on the watercolor paper:          a body, a head, a tail and a beak. You can add a wing too. Paint the shapes in with watercolor. I warn the kiddos, no puddles of paint… It won’t dry in time to cut and glue. Quick, thin layer of watercolor. This works well when painted with acrylic as well.

While the painted watercolor is drying start on the Cardstock background, use a Q-tip to paint 3 brown branches. Using the 1or 2 in. cut piece of index card or thick paper, dip it into the green paint, use it as a stamp to make the pine needles on each branch with green paint.

By then the watercolor should be dry. Cut out the body and glue it to the painted background, then the cut out the head and glue. Then the tail and the beak.

Then using a Q-tip make a dot with the brown paint for an eye.

Then add the falling snow with a Q-tip and white paint.

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