Chalk Still Life Lesson


Here’s a simple still life with big impact! This is a 3rd Grade lesson this year. Years ago I only did just a single cup on a half sheet of paper, but these kiddos are awesome. We finished this in about 40 min.

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Charcoal Animal Drawings- Koalas and Pandas



Koalas and Pandas- 4th & 5th Grade Charcoal Animal Drawings 

These 2 Art Lessons were a great intro into shading and controlling charcoal

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Halloween Art- Pumpkin Sketches


Pumpkin Sketches Halloween Art

This is a fun & festive drawing lesson for 3rd Grade & up. It covers basic drawing concepts: shadows, shading, background.

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Wild Cat Drawings

3rd Grade Wild Cat Drawings using Simple Shapes

I usually start the year off with these simple shape drawings. It’s a great review of building a drawing from large to small shapes and good practice drawing circles.


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Chalk Cupcakes with values


3rd Grade Chalk Cupcakes

This lesson was inspired by Wayne Thiebaud’s art. I tie it in to lessons on values and shading. This has been posted before but, I’ve tweaked it a bit the more times I’ve taught it to make it easier to teach. Continue reading Chalk Cupcakes with values