Solar System Mono Prints



This is a great lesson for a STEAM Art curriculum or in our our school 5th grade has a unit on the Solar System. The kids had a blast printing their planets.

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Pumpkin Pie in Chalk-FALL ART PROJECT



This great Fall Art Project is all about creating a realistic drawing. I quizzed the 4th graders on what is needed in a drawing or painting to create the “illusion” that it’s real: shadows, tones or values, and a background. They’re only 4th grade, so I keep it pretty simple!

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Charcoal Drawing- 5th Grade Puppies


5th Grade Puppy Drawings in Charcoal

This was the first art lesson of the year for my 5th graders. Great art lesson to review drawing lightly, simple shapes and shading. They turned out adorable!

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Negative Space Trees


5th Grade Trees- Negative space

This project is one of my favorites. These just look beautiful when they are all displayed. The idea for this lesson came from another teacher, but I’ve adapted it over the years. These Negative Space Trees can be adapted for anytime of year. Continue reading Negative Space Trees

5th Grade Ice Cream Sundaes

I’ve posted this before.
Materials: Black card stock, pencil and eraser, Crayola color chalk, white chalk

On black card stock we draw the 3 overlapping scoops and then the sundae bowl.
I use Crayola Chalk sets, most of the colors have a light and dark shade. Plus I purchased white chalk for the whipped cream.
We started with the scoops. Choose a set for each scoop. We all complete one part at a time with out skipping ahead of my demonstration. I have them start with the darker shade and fill in the section, then add in the light on one side of the scoop. once all three scoops are done, choose a color set for the bowl. Use dark on the inside of the bowl then add a light rim. Color in the front of the bowl with dark and add a light value on one side.

We use the white for the whipped cream black for hot fudge. I let them add sprinkles and a sparkle on their cherry.

I have them use their eraser to clean up any smudges and I spray with aqua net hair spray as a fixative.


Fall Leaves- Watercolor Wax Resist


This Fall Art Lesson can be adapted to any grade level. The colors of the Crayola Construction paper crayons are perfect for the Fall leaves. This lesson touches on Symmetry, Wet in to wet watercolor washes, wax resist, and warms & cools.


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