Painted Collage Winter Birds

Painted Collage Winter Birds for 1st Grade

I used several mediums for this one. I chose watercolor for the bird since I wanted to complete this in just one class session. Any medium can work for this. The kids have fun cutting, gluing and painting all in one class. It makes it very fast paced and they still all come out great!

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Kindergarten Snowmen

Materials: white tempera paint, black and brown crayon, google eyes, small black Pom poms, glue, and pre cut orange triangle noses and rectangle blue construction paper

We begin by drawing 3 circles and a hat. Using the black crayon, color in the hat. The brown crayon for the stick arms.
Using 1 finger we dip into the paint and dab the white paint. Filling 1 circle at a time. Once the 3 circles are filled in we glue on eyes nose and buttons.

Winter Mittens

Kindergarten Winter Mittens intro to Symmetry

Materials: blue construction paper, white drawing paper, oil pastels, scissors, glue sticks

We start off working in pairs and we trace each others hands onto the white paper. Be sure to explain not to trace against the fingers. We want to make it mitten, not a glove.
When both hands are traced we cut them out and begin to color them in. We talk a bit about symmetry and if there is a color or stripe on one glove it needs to be on the other glove too.

When the gloves are complete we glue them onto the blue paper and add snowflakes with the white pastel.

4th Grade Watercolor Winter Landscapes

Materials: Crayola Watercolor Pencils, Watercolor Paper, small watercolor brush

We begin the drawing with a light grey watercolor pencil. I stress the importance to the kids of drawing lightly. The watercolor pencils do not erase easily. We begin drawing the simple shapes for the snowman, working from large to small, then adding shading on each part of the body. We paint over each part with a small amount of water.
Once the snowman body is done, we begin with the background using the watercolor pencils. We color in a horizon and the shadow of the snowman, and use a small amount of water to paint over. We then color the snowman nose, eyes, arms, scarf and a hat. We only paint water over the nose scarf and hat, not the eyes or mouth. Then the trees and shadows of trees, paint over with water.

I so carefully plan out the steps when using watercolor pencil to give areas a chance to dry along the way. It keeps it from getting messy and all blended together.


3rd Grade Charcoal Penguins

1/2 sheet of white drawing paper, charcoal pencils

We start off drawing step by step the simple shapes for the penguin. Working from the large body shapes to the details. Once the drawing is complete,we draw in an iceberg and the background.
We discuss shading in lightly and dark shading,and go step by step shading in one part at a time so they do not get lost along the way. When we get to the ridge around the iceberg and the water we discuss creating texture with the charcoal. Vertical small lines for the ridge around the iceberg and light horizontal texture for the water.