Food Sculptures



Model Magic Food Sculptures for 6th Grade

Last school year was the first time I have thrown Model Magic in to my curriculum. Going class to class and not having an art room or a kiln makes clay projects a challenge. I love using model magic for sculpting and it’s much cleaner than clay and doesn’t break when being transferred around.

Materials: Crayola Model Magic, 3in. cardboard or chip board squares, glue, acrylic paint, paint brushes, water cups, paper towels, toothpicks

This is a 2 part project. 1 class sculpting and the next class to paint.

I let the students choose to sculpt a cupcake or a burger.

Cupcakes: We made a plate first and glued it to the cardboard, then sculpt a cylinder base, attach to the plate and roll out & coil the top for the frosting. Use the toothpick to create the ridges around the base to look like the cupcake wrapper. Add a cherry on top.

Burgers: We made a plate first and glued it to the cardboard, then sculpt a short cylinder for the bottom bun, attach to the plate & then make a dome shape for the top bun, but do not attach it yet. Make the burger patty, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes, carefully layer each on the bottom bun, then add the top bun on top. Make tiny sesame seeds & add to the bun.

The clay dries over night. Paint with acrylic paint.

-Art Teacher in LA

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