Oil Pastel Rockets



The Kindergartners love this project… Easy “Simple Shape” Drawing and a nice intro to oil pastel for the little ones.


rockets3rockets4MATERIALS: CrayPas or Pentel Oil Pastels,  Black Cardstock (1/2 sheet), pencil & eraser

With The pencil draw out the rocket starting with the rectangle, then triangle top & wings, then the last few details: window, rocket booster, and planets.

When the drawing is done, color in the rectangle with any color oil pastel. Go carefully around the window. With white oil pastel highlight one side of the rectangle. Choose a different color for the triangle and the wings, color it in and again with the white oil pastel highlight one side of each. Continue with the details of the rocket and then the planets, which also get a white highlight. The last step is the stars and the fire.

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