Spooky House Halloween Art Lesson


Spooky Houses in Watercolor & Oil Pastel. These Spooky Houses can be easily adapted for 3rd grade and up.


MATERIALS: Watercolor Paper, Cray-Pas Oil Pastels (black & yellow), Prang Watercolors, pencil & eraser, water cups, brush, paper towel
Draw spooky house on watercolor paper. I gave students a few example of houses. Start with the basic shape, a rectangle or square. Then choose a triangular or rectangular roof. I showed them details they could add to the house; towers, a porch, a banister along the roof, etc. Then the windows and any details in the back ground, such as the moon, a tree, tombstones.

Start by coloring the moon and windows with yellow oil pastels.
Then start filling in the spooky house silhouettes with black oil pastel.

I give a complete demonstration of filling the Prang Watercolor paint pans with water, I stress the point that Watercolors do not work if you are not using enough water. I show how to create a wet into wet wash in the sky using 2 colors, and how to create clouds by dabbing the wet watercolor off with a paper towel.
*I limit it to 2 water colors only. Any more than that turns into a mess.


20 thoughts on “Spooky House Halloween Art Lesson”

  1. Love these! I want to try it with my 4th and 5th graders. Do they paint the sky before colouring in the house and moon etc?

    1. Thanks Ashlyn. This is a wax resist with watercolor. So they color in the house & moon with oil pastel first and then paint the background with watercolor. I just this year stated using liquid watercolors and the colors are super vibrant. I’m excited to use them for this project.

      1. Ok thanks, just wanted to make sure we are doing it right! They drew their haunted houses today and they turned out great.
        I just bought some liquid watercolors to use. Do you use them just as you would tempera paint?- As in, put some on a dish and paint with them? Should we wet the water colour paper first? Thanks again for your help and your wonderful blog!!

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