Swan Reflections


Swan Reflections Art Lesson

This reflection lesson can be used for 3rd grade and up. It is a challenge to match up the reflection of the swan, but the kids are always proud of their hard work with this art lesson. This is a great lesson in symmetry for the upper grades.

Materials: grey card stock, pencil & eraser, Crayola Construction Paper Crayons.

Begin with the horizon line and then draw the oval for the swans body on the horizon line, flip the paper and draw the reflection. Start the neck and head and then repeat it on the reflection. I have them stop after each step and turn their paper sideways to look at the symmetry of their drawing to make corrections. Go on to the tail, wing and beak.
Using a black marker draw the eye and line on the bottom of the beak.
We start off coloring the swan and reflection. Start the water at the horizon line and continue horizontal lines all the way to the bottom of the paper.
Add grasses sticking out of the water and the reflections.

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