1 Point Perspective Spooky Roads







3rd Grade Spooky Roads

A fun introduction to 1 point perspective with crayola construction paper crayons.

fullsizerenderroadMaterials: black card stock, Crayola Construction Paper Crayons, pencil, eraser, black oil pastel

** I posted before about the Crayola Construction Paper Crayons, I have full sets for certain projects and I have a whole other set that I have broken into about 1 inch pieces so the students can color in areas using the sides of the crayon piece. To keep them organized I have them divided in 2 boxes of warm colors and cool colors. I’ll usually put the colors they need in Dixie cups for each table. I find that the better I prep the more actual teaching time I get in.

We begin by drawing in our horizon line and single point on the horizon line. From our point we draw the road. Then draw in the moon. Draw our little house and our little trees, just a bit taller than the house. Then the middle trees next. Then draw in the largest trees, taller then the rest.

We color in the moon then the windows. The sky and ground next. For the road we colored it grey first then I lightly used black oil pastel over and smudge it with your finger. Use the black oil pastel for the house and the trees, without smudging those.
The last step we added ghosts with with crayon. I reminded them what would happen to the ghost that would be far back in the distance and the ghosts that would be close to the front. Use the black for the eyes and mouth.

Happy Halloween!
-Art Teacher in LA

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