Charcoal Drawing- 5th Grade Puppies


5th Grade Puppy Drawings in Charcoal

This was the first art lesson of the year for my 5th graders. Great art lesson to review drawing lightly, simple shapes and shading. They turned out adorable!

Materials: Compressed Charcoal, eraser, drawing paper & paper towel


Before I start this lesson, I had the 5th graders practiced with the charcoal on scratch paper. We sketched circles lightly and created a small value scale. Just 3 squares with light medium and dark done in charcoal.

Start the puppy sketch with the circle of the head, then body, snout and ears. Details last. Begin placing in the medium value for the body use the paper towel to blend it. Create a darker shadow under the head. Do the same for the face, but place the shadow under the ears. Get a dark value in the nose and pupils. Outline the eyes dark. The ears are a light value. The eraser can be used to wipe out smudges on the snout and to make a sparkle in the eye.

This was a super successful charcoal lesson.

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