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Pixel Self Portraits- STEAM Art Lesson

Art Teacher in LA7th & 8th Grade STEAM Art Lesson- Pixel Self Portraits

I LOVE this project! These are the BEST!!! Fun way to include a self portrait into the STEAM Art curriculum.

Materials: 2 Graph Papers (1/4in or 1/2in squares), poster board or bristol, glue stick, Pencil & eraser, acrylic paint, small paint brush, water cup, paper towel, paint tray

I glued 2 pieces of graph paper to a larger bristol paper so we had a large enough graphed space to work with. Be sure to line up the lines of the 2 pieces of graph paper before you glue down. I reviewed basic human proportions (legs & feet take up 1/2 the body, torso & head take up the other 1/2). We all started the drawing from the center of the paper where the pants meet the shirt and I let them go from there creating their self portrait. Keeping in mind, everything is formed of the squares, No diagonal lines!!

I let them choose or mix their skin color & hair color and paint those in, square by square. Then the clothes & details.


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